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Twitter as an alarm clock! Or how to get unfollows!

February 14th, 2009

I’m a bit cranky this morning. I was having to get up early to go in to my part time job. I was planning to get up at 6am. I got a lovely wake up call at 4:30am care of swirleight, an SEO specialist on Twitter who chose that time to send me 5DMs, 10 text messages to my cell phone. I keep it next to my bed as I use it as my alarm clock and general time piece.

You might be thinking like I thought: Must be something urgent, useful, job lead, help for Fan History. You know, something that takes 5DMs to explain.

5 DMs

Nope! The same DM spam 5 times. FIVE TIMES.

It would be great if it looked like the person had read through a few of my tweets before doing that. I’ve done some complaining recent about SEO folks who autofollow when some one mentions SEO, asked about how you can tell they are effect when the SEO doesn’t have much traffic to their website and complained about DMs. Oh, and when I’ve been talking about how I unfollow people who aren’t likely to add value my Twitter list because I can’t develop a relationship with them when they have too many followers to be likely to see my DMs. (Though there are clear exceptions. Some people have content that good/interesting that makes them worth following anyway.) Given the wake up call, eating up 10 of my 400 monthly text messages, following 800+ people (with less than half following in return), having autofollowed me because I mentioned SEO and then not being aware of my content… Fail.

So to all you who want to thank followers, please consider the time zone of your followers, if you might be incurring text message charges to them, that you don’t thank them when you followed them first AND please show awareness of their content. Because swirleigh got an unfollow as a result and I would think others would respond in a similar way. It is a nice little how to guide to getting unfollowers.

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