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Keyword peaks for fandoms and fansites on Fan History in 2008

December 31st, 2008

The following are when interest, based on keyword (not keyphrase), spiked in 2008 on Fan History according to Google Analytics…

January 5

January 11

January 13

January 14

January 27

February 22

February 27

March 2

March 8

March 13

March 18

April 17

April 29

May 22

May 27

June 10

June 13

July 6

July 20

July 24

July 29

August 3

August 11

August 12

August 13

August 21

August 22

August 23

September 12

September 27

September 29

October 6

October 15

October 16

October 17

October 20

October 21

October 31

November 6

November 9

November 9

November 11

November 22

November 23

November 28

December 1

December 6

December 9

December 11

December 28

December 29

True Blood

September 4th, 2008

I’m so excited about this series. I just finished reading all the books in the series and absolutely loved them. I’m just not certain how I’m going to watch episodes as I don’t have HBO.  The books were pretty much good fun with a lot of angst.  There were interesting issues explored in terms of sex and politics, loyalties, selling out for various issues, extremism.  Just great stuff.

It will be interesting to see what sort of fandom develops when the show launches.   There is already fan fiction out there on FanFiction.Net, based on the the books.  Most fandoms based on HBO (and to a degree, Showtime) shows have always appeared to be really small until the shows have been released on DVD unless they’ve reached a niche audience.  (That was the case, in my opinion, for The L Word where the show became something that the lesbian community embraced and became something you had to connect with or know about.)  With the cult following of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, the popularity of Twilight, the active and experienced fanbases that both communities could bring to play, I think this show could be really break out in a lot of ways for a fandom based on an HBO product; the fandom could be rather big in comparison and be a real way to help the show succeed by having fans generate more buzz for the show than the media does and the hokey fake ads for synthetic blood ever could.  Of course, this will most probably hinge on which fans are first into the space, setting up fansites, running communities, discussing the show on forums and organizing fandom meet ups.

And as a fan, I can’t wait to see that and to get my hands on episodes of the show.

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