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Help Wanted! Think Galacticon 2011 Needs You.

February 19th, 2010

I attended this convention in 2007.  It was really interesting and if you’re in the Chicago area, I’d urge you to attend.  They sent out the following e-mail that I thought I would share here as they need help:

This is a reminder that Think Galacticon needs volunteers, and your time for signing up is running out!

We were serious when we said Think Galacticon wouldn’t happen if we didn’t get enough volunteers. But although the February 15th deadline for joining the organizing committee has passed, we’ve extended it until the end of the month. We’re still short of the numbers we need to organize the con in a healthy way. If you want the con to happen and haven’t volunteered yet, please join! If you know someone who’d be a good concom member, spread the word! Our (actually) final deadline is Feb. 28th. If we don’t fill our core positions by that date we won’t be throwing a 3rd fabulous leftist SF/F weekend in Chicago.

We’re especially looking for people in Chicago, but wherever you are, we’d love your help. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll figure it out. Below are key positions we’re looking to fill:

Self-Care Assistant- Local
Venue Liaison – Local
Accommodations Liaison – Local
Registration Coordinator- Local
Volunteer Coordinator- Local
Events Coordinator- Local
Consuite Coordinator- Local
Publications Coordinator- Local
Programming Coordinator- Anywhere

Job descriptions and information on other open positions can be found here: There are more jobs to take on than those above, but not filling the ones above will stop us from having a Think Galacticon in 2011.

If you’re interested, e-mail with the position you are interested in and whether you’re local to Chicago.


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