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Comments in reply to a post about SuperFan on TechCrunch

July 13th, 2009

I made these comments in reply to this post about SuperFan on TechCrunch.  They relate to my understanding of fandom so I thought I would cross post them here. :)

The problem with MySpace and FaceBook for fan groups is that people join their fan related communities and that’s it. There isn’t much interaction beyond that. (It is also a problem that plagues bebo and orkut.) One of the best general social networks for fans is LiveJournal, where you’ve got a population of at least 200,000 fans who have a higher than normal activity level when engaging on those communities compared to some of the other networks.

I’d like to see them do well because I like seeing fans succeed. I haven’t joined because I’m not in fandom for the competition. (But I’m not a normal case.) The competition aspect with other fans almost makes it sound memeish like Mafia Wars on FaceBook. Cool, but not for everyone. I prefer the competition aspects and community aspects on I love the community aspects on LiveJournal. I love the informational aspects in the wiki community. I love the promotional chances and finding vids aspect of FanPop.

So we’ll see what happens and what sort of niche they can carve out. I just think the comparison to MySpace and FaceBook is not the best one. Maybe the model would have been better compared to

The second comment was:

The problem with competition is that it can have a limited shelf life. It can bring certain types of people in. For fandom, community can really seal the deal and keep people involved, long after their interest in a particular media product has waned.

(Of course, there is also the aspect where community can intentionally keep people away because they don’t want to deal with certain types of people who they see as impeding on their fun. I can think of a large number of examples where this has happened on a micro and macro level.)

Most of the focus for self expression that I’ve seen that the fan community values highly is fan fiction, fan art (with icons and macros), fan vidding, fan related meta, role playing (cosplaying and LARPing) and costuming. Then there are various forms of community support and ingrained competition surrounding and supporting those. (With a lot of the infrastructure providing that not viewed as creative or important. Fans do an amazing job at adapting things not intended to support their activities to work for their needs.)

I’d love to know more about how SuperFan defines self expression. :) The tech crunch article doesn’t really doesn’t get in to it.

End comments.  If you haven’t, you might want to check out SuperFan.

Pipl: Knowing more about you than you may realize

January 29th, 2009

TechCrunch ran an article about Pipl, a really cool people finding search engine. I’ve known about it for over a year because we get a half dozen visits a month from them. If you ever wanted to know anything about anyone, don’t go to Google, go to Pipl instead.

That said, some corners of fandom has a lot of privacy issues. If you’re concerned about yours, definitely check it out because you might not be aware of how much you’re leaking out that you didn’t know about. That includes public records that governments have made available. And after you’ve done that, go and make sure your fandom friends know so that we people are made aware so there aren’t any future outings like the one in the Supernatural fandom as a result of people’s ignorance about the Internet and how it works.

Differences between traffic sources from November to December

December 6th, 2008

It isn’t necessarily fair to compare these periods as they aren’t the same but I did it anyway. ;-)

Getting less daily traffic on average off JournalFen, TVTropes, DeviantArt, Wikia, FanPop, FanFiction.Net, StumbleUpon, TechCrunch. JournalFen can be explained with less wank. The rest are generally not our links and we’re not actively promoting over there to generate traffic.

Up up a lot for LiveJournal we’ve been promoting heavily on LiveJournal, Chickipedia because we added links there, and Twitter because we added more followers on our recentchanges account.

It will be interesting to see if these patterns hold for the rest of the month.

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