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StartUp Alpha pitch session

August 16th, 2008

On Tuesday, I did a pitch session at StartUp Alpha’s event in NYC. I figured it was good exposure for Fan History, and a great learn by doing opportunity. I didn’t believe that we’d hook up with a venture capitalist there. (Though if it had happened, I would not have turned it down.) Two nights in New York City to do that, the cost wasn’t bad.

  $340.00 for airfare to New York City
   $35.50 for train from EWR to NYC
   $23.00 for MTA pass
   $94.00 for hostel for two nights
   $16.20 for book about fandom
    $7.64 for breakfast at ORD
    $5.41 for breakfast in NYC
    $7.14 for lunch in NYC
    $3.63 for snack in NYC
    $7.04 for breakfast at EWR
    $2.00 for CTA to downtown Chicago
    $5.65 for train home from Chicago
    $3.29 for food in Chicago at Wiki Wednesday, Chicago
  $550.50 Total for pitch and party expenses

Really affordable if you’re a startup and looking for VC pitching experience, another reason to network and to meet more people who are doing their own start ups. Kept costs down by staying in a hostel which ran about $47 a night, rather than $250 at a hotel. One night, I had a room mate who snored but with a hostel, that’s a risk and I slept through it. The next night, some one came in at 1am. Still, not bad. (This was the Candy Hostel.) I took MTA, flew into Newark, took a train into the city. Those things also helped keep the costs down.

While there, I talked to some one from and I owe them an e-mail.  I also met Roger from which looks to be a very cool project.  From how it was described, it reminded me a bit of a video version of and LiveJournal’s celebritystyle community rolled into a collaborative environment where people can comment on and offer additional links.  As some one who has SQUEE! moments over clothing on shows I love(d) like CSI and Boston Public, being able to click on clothes that my favorite characters are wearing and to learn more about them… just awesome.  It would also be another great way to find a community of like minded fans.  (And for shows like Lipstick Jungle and Sex in the City… considering how central clothes are to the show…)  I can’t wait to see more of it.

Great trip overall.  It was affordable.  It was a learning and networking experience.

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