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Enom gouges on domain name renewals?

January 4th, 2010

I’m not a happy enom customer.  I didn’t come to be an enom customer much by choice.  I was originally a RegisterFly user, who was pretty much left with only the choice of enom if I wanted to pull my domains out of that mess so I used enom.  I’ve since used them for all my domains, of which I have about 29.  I’ve paid around $10.49 to buy each domain and when I bought multiple years when registering, it always cost me $10.49 to buy.  Prior to October, when I’ve had those domains auto-renew, they have autorenewed for the original price I paid for them.

This changed, with out any notification by enom to me.  Renewals that cost the price I paid for the domains magically went up to $29.95 per domain.  When enom sent me notifications that if I do nothing, they will auto-renew, they conveniently left off how much they were planning to bill me.  I only found out when I got their second e-mail, telling me how much they charged me.  That’s special.  A bill that should have been $50 morphs into $150.

When I called about this, there is nothing enom can do for me once they made the charges and they list this little fact on your profile page.  By list on your profile page, they mean they have a pricing link on their footer, buried there next to Contact Us, News, Technical Support.  Yes, it is on your profile page but not in your profile area where you’d think this would be.  When you switch on or off autorenew, there is no notification that you get involving the costs of of renewing with them.  When I registered domains recently, during the billing process, there was no notification that in order to renew the domain it would cost $29.95. I’m annoyed.

This is pretty scammy and indicates why we need some sort of better controls over domain registration.  (Because I’m tired of being ripped off by domain sellers.)

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