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DragonCon is coming! Are you excited yet?

August 26th, 2009

I know I am! DragonCon is the largest annual convention that I attend regularly (as an artist, vendor, and also just a “plain” fan). This year I’m especially looking forward to getting to see two of my old favorites from The A-Team, Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict, who will be there. I’ll be curious to know what they’ve got to say about the latest rumors around a new movie, such as the possibility of Chris Pine taking on the role of Murdock.

I know there’s also going to be an effort to stage the largest “Thriller” dance in tribute to Michael Jackson ever, which ought to be a scream (in more ways than one).

If you’re going, please be sure to find the Spacial Anomaly Gallery table in the dealer’s hall to stop by and say hello! And remember, as always, your help in sharing your experiences at the con here in the wiki during and after the con are always appreciated.

What’s popular on Fan History for the week of July 5 to July 11!

July 13th, 2009

Some things in our top actually changed. A lot of this is the result of individual linking. I’ve also included our top blog entries in this week’s wrap up. They don’t generally get as many views as articles but do go towards demonstrating that some of our more news related posts get a fair amount of traffic. Most of these news related posts are unrelated to fandom news that is featured on LiveJournal communities like metafandom. Interesting stuff.

Fan History’s Most Popular Articles
11,152 pages were viewed a total of 44,564 times

  1. Draco/Hermione – 1,013
  2. AdultFanFiction.Net – 905 views
  3. Cassandra_Claire – 488 views
  4. Naruto – 339 views
  5. FanDomination.Net – 324 views
  6. Sakura Lemon_Fan-Fiction Archive – 298 views
  7. Merlin – 249 visits
  8. Digimon – 234 visits
  9. FanFiction.Net – 234 visits
  10. James Nicoll – 223 visits

Fan History’s Most Popular Blog Entries
124 pages were viewed a total of 939 times

  1. Michael Jackson fanfiction: is it out there? – 477 views. Entry by Sidewinder.
  2. The high cost of conventions – when will it become TOO high? – 66 views. Entry by Sidewinder.
  3. Panic at the Disco break up – 48 views. Entry by sidewinder.
  4. Update: Permabanned users policy change – 48 views. Entry by Laura.
  5. Does familiarity breed contempt (and breakups?) – 29 views. Entry by Sidewinder.
  6. Laura’s link building philosophy – 22 views. Entry by Laura.
  7. Not a parody? Then not fair use. Precedent is bad news for argument that fan fiction is legal! – 16 views. Entry by Laura.
  8. Torchwood post-Children of Earth – 12 views. Entry by Sidewinder.
  9. Pictures from Chicago’s Pride Parade – 10 views. Entry by Laura.
  10. Why Australian fansites – and fans – need to be careful with Shotacon – 10 views. Entry by Sidewinder.

Fan History’s Keyword Traffic
Search sent 13,821 total visits via 9,244 keywords

  1. adultfanfiction – 333 visits
  2. adult fanfiction - 176 visits
  3. fandomination – 105 visits
  4. michael jackson fanfiction – 90 visits
  5. naruto wiki - 79 visits
  6. bandflesh - 77 visits
  7. michael jackson fan fiction – 75 visits
  8. restricted section – 71 visits
  9. adult fan fiction – 63 visits
  10. draco hermione – 58 visits

Fan History’s Referrer Traffic
Referring sites sent 2,519 visits via 500 sources

  2. – Replaced Chickipedia
  8. – fandom_wank traffic began to taper off. 47 visits.
  9. – 47 visits. Links to her blog entries on her LiveJournal.

More sad fandom news…

July 1st, 2009

It has been a long, sad week in fandom in terms of deaths of those who created the fabric of the content for which we are fans of.  Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays all passed away.  Today, we have news of more losses.  They include Karl Malden, Mollie Sugden (Are You Being Served?) and Harve Presnell (The Pretender). :(

Michael Jackson fanfiction: is it out there?

July 1st, 2009

I’ve noticed that since the shocking death of Michael Jackson last week, one of the top phrases showing up in our keywords for searches is Michael Jackson fanfiction. I admit I, too, was curious to find out if the Michael Jackson fan community had any kind of fan fiction activity to date, so I did a little searching around. The answer seems to be, not much–either that or it is well-hidden and only accessible to people deep within the fandom.

MJ Fanfiction is one site I found, but it only had 6 stories, mostly of the NC-17 variety with OFCs. MJJ Dream World is a bulletin board community which has a fan fiction section, which is locked to members of the board (and one must show posting activity on other areas of the site before gaining access). From looking at the feedback thread, which is open, it does seem as though this site has some considerable fan-fiction activity, again of mostly the OFC/potentially Mary Sue variety. has a “fan fiction” section which looked more promising volume-wise, but investigation reveals many of the postings there are not fanfic so much as personal stories and statements of support and love towards Michael. There are a few actual pieces of fiction in there, but one must go digging for them. One other forum, Make That Change, has a section for fan-fiction but the only activity seems to be on the poetry sub-forum.

What about Yahoogroups? Well, I found three groups that came up on a “Michael Jackson fan fiction” search, one of which only had 11 postings ever (all spam); one was a locked community for one author’s Michael Jackson/Prince story, Pale Perfection; the last, Novel Fever, showed some small amount of activity but was again locked to members-only.

LiveJournal? Plenty of MJ fan communities, but none that mentioned fanfic in the description.

That’s all I’ve been able to find so far. If there are other, better archives or sites for Michael Jackson fanfiction, I’d be curious to hear about them. And I also wonder if we’ll begin to see more of it now in the future, as his name is back in the spotlight, even if under such unfortunate circumstances. Will people feel freer to write fiction now, or more disturbed by the concept? I’m not sure. Real person/celebrity fiction is always an interesting thing to me to study, and this could be a particularly intriguing case depending on what the future of Michael’s legend holds in store for fandom.

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