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If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go where the spoilers might be!

April 14th, 2009

I love E. She is one of my favorite people in the wiki world. I can lean on her when I need support and need advice. I can get her advice when I need a sounding board on wiki policy. I also know that when she and I are in a chatroom together on Sunday night when Celebrity Apprentice is on? I need to ignore the room because I could be spoiled. She loves the show. She chats about it. I don’t like spoilers and I’m not about to rain on E’s right to squee in a room that allows it by telling her to shut it. It just feels like it would be really, really rude and selfish of me.

I also dislike being spoiled for Amazing Race, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and Hell’s Kitchen. I know that if I want to be spoiled, I need to avoid places like Twitter when the show is airing. I need to not read my BuddyTV e-mails that do recaps. When they are promoing on The Today Show, I need to turn off the television. If The View is live the day after, I need to be really careful or make sure I watch before hand as some hosts talk about what happened the night before. I can’t read things like friendsfriends on LiveJournal. The potential for spoilers are everywhere and I need to make sure I catch my show as quickly as possible and be diligent in my effort to avoid spoilers.

If I fail, if I get spoiled, unless I’m in a place that expressly prohibits spoilers and some ass hole posts them anyway, I’m responsible. I put myself in a situation where I could be spoiled. I went some place where I knew there was a potential for getting spoiled and that happened. I’m to blame. There is no one else to blame but me. Me me me me. That’s me. Who is responsible if I go some place where there might be spoilers and I get spoiled? Me!

If you don’t want to be exposed to spoilers, don’t go where there might be spoilers. If you get exposed to them because you didn’t take proper precautions, blame yourself. Don’t blame others for your negligence. Don’t set a mob after the person who spoiled you because you weren’t responsible.  Don’t wreck some one else’s fandom life because you intentionally exposed yourself to spoilers. Don’t be a total ass hole and not take responsibility for your own actions. How hard of a concept is this to understand that I have to explain it?

Now, I’m off to finish watching The Biggest Loser so I can read my BuddyTV e-mails tomorrow with out getting spoiled.

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