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More about Fan History’s fanzine section

June 22nd, 2009

This was an e-mail I sent elsewhere.  I’ve reposted it minus the introduction and the quoted text.

Recently, Fan History received a couple of fanzine cover deletion
requests. We had a policy on the wiki which for fan art was e-mail us
and prove that you’re the artist and we’ll delete the fan art. It was
not very detailed. We’d never really had an issue with this material
where we felt we needed to clarify our policy regarding that. The
deletion requests gave us reason to clarify both our policy in regards
to fanzine related articles and fanart. 1.6.1 Fan art and fanzine covers
> is our fanart and fanzine cover policy. 1.7 Fanzine article
deletion request
> is our fanzine article deletion policy. Summarizing
them: If you are a fanzine publisher or fanartist, drop us an e-mail and
we’ll delete the cover. In regards to fanzines, if the fanzine is
non-notable, we’ll probably delete it if you can give us a good reason.
We know that many people published them in pre-Internet days before real
name issues were as problematic as they can be now. We’ll try to be as
accomodating as possible.

Fan History has a fair amount of information about fanzines already.
That can be found at
<> . There is
probably information about 2,000 fanzines on Fan History. We’re really
proud of our Star Wars
<> , Star
Trek <> ,
Forever Knight
<> ,
Doctor Who <>
, Rat Patrol
sections. Many articles have cover art, publishing histories, summaries
of fan responses to the fanzine, links for more information, etc. What
these articles don’t have and will never have is the complete fanzine in
image format unless we’re given permission to redistribute a zine in
that fashion. In one or two cases, (I’m thinking a Led Zeppelin
drawerfic type zine) we may have extracts of a few pages. We’d argue
these are fair use and if called on them, we would remove them. We’re
just not set up to be a redistributor of fanzines in image format. Our
mission isn’t to do that and we don’t have any intention of doing that.
(And most especially not charging people to make copies. I’ve seen
enough of the discussion on mailing lists regarding the reprinting of
fanzines with out permission to know some people find it repulsive and I
don’t want Fan History associated with that.) Our mission is to
document that these fanzines existed, this is what the cover looked
like, these fandoms were involved with the zine, these people were
involved in the production of this material.

We’d also like to think that for fanzine publishers and authors with
material in fanzines that we’d be useful to you as another place where
you can promote your fanzines. We don’t have a problem with a fanzine
publisher coming in and including links to where you can buy the fanzine
online, what convention the publisher will be at and selling the
fanzine, etc. Commercial links like that, as long as they fit in to the
article and follow our rules <>
are more than welcome.

If you have any questions about our deletion policy, our fanzine section
or anything else regarding Fan History, please feel free to e-mail me at
laura@… or one of our admins at support@….
You can also reach us by commenting on the talk page for articles or
categories you have questions for. In fact, we’d almost prefer the
second because if you have questions, some one else might have the same
one and clarifying our policies through the use of talk pages helps out
everyone in fandom. (And it holds us more accountable because our
actions are then part of the public record.)

Thanks for reading.


Random fandoms

December 3rd, 2008

I was doing some random viewing of articles on Fan History and I stumbled across another of people who belonged in multiple fandoms where the fandoms that they belonged to didn’t seem to go together at all… Below is a list of a few of the ones that made boggle and smile:

Do these fandoms go together?  Is there a logical connection which would indicate a person would be a fan of them all?  Also, what fandoms do you belong to when you look at them all together would appear random to others?

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