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All the cool kids are doing foursquare…

March 28th, 2010

… and I want to do it to.  I want to be the mayor of my local Target, which I visit 2 to 5 times a week.  I would also like to be the mayor of my local mall.  I either walk inside the mall for exercise or I walk to the mall for exercise.  I also have taken to walking to my local Starbucks for exercise.  (2.1 miles is better than 1.5 miles to the mall.)   The problem with trying to be the mayor of these places is that I need to SMS my location to these places.  Foursquare isn’t picking these places up and assigning an actual place to them, just counting them as a check in.  I don’t have a data plan.  I can’t afford a new cell phone at the moment and I can’t justify a data plan.  (In both cases, I’m hopefully moving soon and this would be problematic.)

So while all the cool kids with data plans get to check in all over the place, Foursquare makes it impossible for those of us using SMS to change  our grayed locations to actual places.  Foursquare also doesn’t have an iPod application.  Which, fine, whatever… except when I’m using the mobile version on my iPod, Foursquare suggests I download their iPhone application which isn’t compatible with my iPod.  Oh.  And lest I forget, I’m constantly being logged out on the mobile version and it took about four times for me to finally be able to check in.

If I am going some place in rural Illinois, I need to create the location/check to make sure it exists before I go.  I then need to change my location to where I will be in an hour.  I then need to hope that I can manage to get the mobile version to let me login and set my location to that.  I had problems with this when I tried to check in at the Belvidere Oasis.  I tried to check in about five times before I finally gave up.

So all the cool kids are doing foursquare and those of us with no dataplans who rely on wifi devices get the short end of the stick.  It sucks big time and feels like a play to a more affluent and tech savy market.

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