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Google Ads, your fansite and click fraud

November 15th, 2008

I was poking around various fan fiction archives last night, looking for archives to contact about FanworksFinder. One of these archives was encouraging its members to click on Google Ads as a way of helping to cover costs. This had worked. When they stopped encouraging people, their Google Ads revenue dropped a lot. In the end, they were busted for click fraud as a result. (Because Google accused them of clicking on their own ads to make money.)

If you’re a fansite and you want to cover your costs, Google ads are one way to go. If they aren’t working on their own to raise revenue, DO NOT ENCOURAGE USERS TO CLICK ON ADS! DO NOT CLICK ON ADS YOURSELF! THAT IS CLICK FRAUD! You get caught at it and you all the revenue you’ve earned goes poof! You won’t get that check. I’ve seen a number of fansites get busted for click fraud where they encouraged their users to click on ads to cover costs. I’ve heard of several fan people who got busted for click fraud because they were accused of clicking on ads themselves. No check. And if you’re announcing the “Click to pay our bills!” effort on your site? Then anyone with a grudge against you can report you to Google Ads for click ad. You’re opening yourself up to lots of trouble. Don’t engage in click fraud!

If you need the money that badly to pay for costs for your fansite, there are ways that are much less risky than click fraud. There are three ways I recommend to help raise funds. First, ask your users to donate money to help cover costs. If your site is that important to them, they’ll contribute. Second, consider an advertising network like ProjectWonderful which pays out at $10 and is paid based on the amount of views to your site. Also fantastic about ProjectWonderful? You can encourage your users to buy ads for their sites and projects on your site. It isn’t just begging for donations then. Third, find a better hosting solution. You can move to a free host. (Transfer your wiki to say Wikia.) You can move to a cheaper host. (Fan History went from SiteGround to SliceHost and saved about $100 a month.) This could make your hosting more affordable for you. If you need more ideas, contact me on AIM at h2oequalswater or some other way. I’m more than willing to help you.

Just don’t engage in click fraud with Google Ads. You’ll get caught. It will cost you legit funds you earned. It is unethical. Just don’t do it! Find another solution!

Looking for a new home.

October 23rd, 2008

MSN Groups made the February closing official, with announcements at the top of every MSN Group, and created a page for helping Groups ease over to Multiply. The migration utility is now available, and a lot of Group owners have questions.

Ever since I heard about the closing, I’ve been looking for a new home for my two Thunderbirds groups. Several people have been giving me suggestions, and I’ve checked into a couple of them. But today, I looked into the official destination. I joined Multiply. Joining gave me a personal page, and with that, I created a sort of personal group.

There seems to be a way to change backgrounds and colors – kind of like LJ, in a way. I can put pictures into the Welcome section, and have separate albums for the various pictures. Found out, however, that though there will be photo albums transferred, the actual photos won’t be. They’ll have to be uploaded from my computer – Multiply doesn’t have an uploader function that will work with MSN (yet). In the case of one of my Groups, and its background site, I’ll have to download the pictures to my computer and upload to either the site itself, or to photobucket. Some of my graphics are at photobucket already, but a lot aren’t. And to add them to the pages, you have to use HTML. Not a problem for me, but for my assistant managers? Might be.

From the comments at the Multiply Migration help site, the messageboards are a mess when they import over. I’m half tempted to import one of my sites anyway and see how much of a mess it is, then decide whether or not to keep it.

I’m still of the opinion that starting from scratch at a new site of my own will be better. But I promised I’d wait to see what Windows Live Groups has to offer. And I’ll keep poking around at Multiply – I do want to give it a fair shake.

At least I’m not at AOL…

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