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Please help support Fan History Wiki…

January 25th, 2010

… and FanworksFinder, RockFic and OzzieSport.

This is one of those hard things to do: Asking for help.  And we’d like your help in assisting us with defraying our hosting costs.  Fan History Wiki costs about $130 a month to run.  In addition, we spend about $100 a year on domains, and $45 every quarter for additional statistical data.  So it costs us about $155 a month if those costs were spread equally each month.

Fan History has never been particularly self funding.  The most we’ve ever earned off our advertising in a given month is about $15.00.  Job loss / no income makes it hard to cover Fan History’s costs on my own but I make it happen because I really, really believe in what we’re doing.  Fan History has the largest collection of information about fanzines, has the largest directory of members of the fan community on the Internet, gets over 50,000 visitors a month, has over 30 active contributors in any two week period, provides statistical data to the fan community that no one else is doing, has original research that can’t be found elsewhere, worked hard to preserve the history of fandom on Geocities, represents small fandoms, has stub articles on over 50,000 fan communities.  We’ve tried to be good neighbors in the wiki community on wikis such as AboutUs, wikiHow, wikia, Futurama Wiki, Rescue Rangers Wiki and more.  Our admin staff tries hard to balance conflicting fandom beliefs to be fair to everyone.  We love what we do and we think we do it well.  It is why I pay the money to cover hosting, domains and stats.

It is just getting to the point where this is hard to maintain.  And we could really use some help from others who believe in our mission.  If you could help support us by sending us even $5.00 on PayPal, or if you could bid on our ProjectWonderful ads?  We would really, really appreciate it.  It would go a long way towards helping us with our mission.  The donation button can be found on the sidebar of both the blog and the wiki. Thanks for supporting us.

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