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Asking celebs to retweet? Please don’t.

April 23rd, 2009

I don’t follow celebrities on Twitter.  (Er.  One or two exceptions and less celeb and more tech celebs.)  I’m not interested particularly.  For me, it feels voyeuristic.  These celebs are busy interacting with their friends and building their brand.  They are unlikely to ever interact back with me because they have so many followers and what value is there in tweeting me?  Especially when they have thousands and thousands of more followers trying to get their attention.

Which kind of gets to my point.  A lot of people have worthy causes where they want celebrity attention.  Twitter makes those folks theoretically accessible like they have never been accessible before.  So in order to get that attention, some folks will @ reply celebs and ask them to retweet them on behalf of a worthy cause.  One or two people?  I can understand.  When you tweet at 10 or more people, that hits the disrespectful line where your other followers are concerned.  Ten tweets on their timeline that have nothing to offer to the audience.

And reiterating?  Celebs are unlikely to respond.  Don’t take my word for.  Take Stephen Fry’s word where he discusses just this from the celebrity perspective.

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