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We’re still here…

June 15th, 2010

… but just not very active with the blogging thing. Nicole is busy working on writing for money. I’m busy working on a PhD. Nile is working on her own thing and Tikatu is keeping the ship running by patrolling new edits.

We’ve got a new host and it has created a lot less stress regarding the continuity of the the wiki. We know it will go on and money isn’t the big issue it was. It means we can be active absentee landlords: Update fandomnews, patrol edits, let the community help document the history of fandom while we worry less about continually trying to write an active ongoing history of fandom.

Article Deletion Request policy modification possible

February 25th, 2009

We’re debating modifying our article deletion policy in regards to how to handle requests from people who have been banned from Fan History Wiki. This discussion is in response to a situation where a person vandalized the wiki, an article about themselves and another article and was permabanned for it. The vandalism wasn’t simple page blanking but also included uploading images dealing with rape and just LULZING the page up. When their vandalism was reverted and the article restored to make it in compliance with our rules and mission, the person asked for the article to be deleted. As the person was permanently banned, she can’t post an ADR which means she can’t have her article deleted.

We want to have our policy discussion public so that you, our contributors, fans and supporters, can be aware of what our thinking is and offer your own voice to any modification of this policy!

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