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October 5th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

Fan History Wiki once again has ads. Thanks to the folks at Transformers Wiki for providing us with the skin. We are extremely grateful. Fan History is using ProjectWonderful. The skin was specifically designed for them. They have a lot of fandom related companies who buy advertisements.

Why are we back with ads? Fan History Wiki generally operates as a no-profit business. That is, our primary goal is to cover our costs, to basically behave and do good things like a non-profit organization while organized as a sole ownership LLC. We didn’t do this in order to make money, but rather to cover our costs. For Fan History’s history, the site has almost exclusively been paid for out of pocket by me, the founder of Fan History. Changes in my circumstances have made it in my monetary best interests to see if some of the considerable cost of hosting cannot be recouped to make my life a little bit less stressful. This solution is preferable to the alternatives. If I get to the point where the monetary picture changes substantially, we will go back to being advertisement free.

In the mean time, I’m going to squee over our new skin and think about what image changes need to be made.

  • I hope it does cover the cost of the server, and hopefully enough to let you officially employ yourself. ^^

  • That would be ideal, but realistically speaking, Fan History doesn't get the traffic and most people bidding on ProjectWonderful ads are not bidding high enough to make that feasible even for sites with two or three times the traffic we get.

  • I am glad to see that FH has advertising and I hope that it covers the cost of the server.

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