Possible Movie in the Future for The Mortal Instruments Series

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Less than a week ago, Cassandra Clare announced to her adoring fans on her LiveJournal blog, that The Mortal Instrument books could be on the big screen soon. Well, the rights have been taken up by Bob Shaye film line called Unique Features. As Casssandra pointed out:

Now, a book series being optioned doesn’t mean a film is being made right now or is definitely going to be made at all — it means that the studio or production company in question is developing the books as a film project — right now they’ve nailed down financing and a screenwriter (I don’t know who that is yet) and are working towards the next stages in the development project. It is, however, an important step in the movie-making process, so I feel like it’s okay to be excited about it.

Cassandra also reiterates this information in the FAQ section for The Mortal Instruments website.

Despite Cassandra Claire’s controversial past, as documented by FanHistory, she had proved resilient and cleaned up her act. With all the fan support and perseverance – to get to this point is a great feat.

Here are some links to some fan reactions:
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Of course, there are some mixed reactions already towards the idea of a movie, but obviously there needs to be some huge congratulations sent out to Cassandra!

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