CC-BY-SA3, Transformers Wiki and consequences

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I was reading my friends list on LiveJournal and found this post by Derik Smith of Transformers Wiki. The post discusses the Transformers Wiki ‘s to switch their license from GFDL to CC-BY-SA3.  It then looks like the copyright holder took advantage of new license and what it allows to incorporate content from the Transformers Wiki into an advertisement for an official comic.   The wiki subsequently changed their license to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.  The post is well worth reading and does a much better job at explaining the particulars.  So yes, go forth and read it:

  • derik

    That is an inaccurate summary of events. ;)

  • Kind of. An IDW colourist used some text from the Wiki in the background of a comic cover. Because the contents of the Wiki are licenced as CC-BY-SA3, that means the cover is now also CC-BY-SA3 and is free for anyone to copy. We're assuming the colourist didn't realise this.

    The Wiki is discussing having a dual licence, so if someone uses text in an official product like a comic strip, that comic strip doesn't become CC-BY-SA3 automatically as well.

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