Michael Jackson fanfiction: is it out there?

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I’ve noticed that since the shocking death of Michael Jackson last week, one of the top phrases showing up in our keywords for searches is Michael Jackson fanfiction. I admit I, too, was curious to find out if the Michael Jackson fan community had any kind of fan fiction activity to date, so I did a little searching around. The answer seems to be, not much–either that or it is well-hidden and only accessible to people deep within the fandom.

MJ Fanfiction is one site I found, but it only had 6 stories, mostly of the NC-17 variety with OFCs. MJJ Dream World is a bulletin board community which has a fan fiction section, which is locked to members of the board (and one must show posting activity on other areas of the site before gaining access). From looking at the feedback thread, which is open, it does seem as though this site has some considerable fan-fiction activity, again of mostly the OFC/potentially Mary Sue variety. MJSite.com has a “fan fiction” section which looked more promising volume-wise, but investigation reveals many of the postings there are not fanfic so much as personal stories and statements of support and love towards Michael. There are a few actual pieces of fiction in there, but one must go digging for them. One other forum, Make That Change, has a section for fan-fiction but the only activity seems to be on the poetry sub-forum.

What about Yahoogroups? Well, I found three groups that came up on a “Michael Jackson fan fiction” search, one of which only had 11 postings ever (all spam); one was a locked community for one author’s Michael Jackson/Prince story, Pale Perfection; the last, Novel Fever, showed some small amount of activity but was again locked to members-only.

LiveJournal? Plenty of MJ fan communities, but none that mentioned fanfic in the description.

That’s all I’ve been able to find so far. If there are other, better archives or sites for Michael Jackson fanfiction, I’d be curious to hear about them. And I also wonder if we’ll begin to see more of it now in the future, as his name is back in the spotlight, even if under such unfortunate circumstances. Will people feel freer to write fiction now, or more disturbed by the concept? I’m not sure. Real person/celebrity fiction is always an interesting thing to me to study, and this could be a particularly intriguing case depending on what the future of Michael’s legend holds in store for fandom.

  • Rebecca

    honesly, Cobra Crack Central . . . wow!!!!!! Michael and Sabah, it just keeps getting better and better!! Every chaps better than the last one. the writer, sabin is really gifted. I swear they are like my favorite couple in the whole world right now. I have to log on everyday cauz i'm addicted. cobra CRACK get it? Ha! I just keep praying that Cowboy Mike goes on forever and ever cauz I'm like so in love with this couple! Its so crazy. I don't know what I'll do when the story ends that story is the best MJ fan fic I ever read in my life, no lie. Youre wasting your time reading anything else. lolz!

  • MsJaxon

    You forgot the link: www.cobracrackcentral.blogs.... Oh and It's one word, CobraCrackCentral, not Cobra Crack Central.Team Sabah!

  • Manuel Trianz

    I really don't understand why ppl can do this to him, it's cruel! RIP MJ, maybe now they'll leave you alone. We love you, it's so sad that you left, but you'll always live in our hearts. Manuel Trianz

  • Lj

    I don't get that last post. Do you think the FF is offensive because I can assure you there are many writers out there, myself being one, that are very respectful in what we write and how we present it. Hope I'm reading this all wrong.


    If you are not a member of Yuku then join, its easy and free, take a look around and then let me here more from you.

    Best of the New Year to ya,


  • Kaitlin_W

    I'm so glad I found this site. I have been looking for Michael fan fictions sites for so long. I have copied all the links posted here. The yuku sites you have to join.

    You can add these sites if you like. I love them


  • Kaitlin_W

    Hi I just checked out Anniques fan fic keep the links coming. The site I posted http://mjsdangerousliaisons... is shutting down or they are moving the site. I just read it on the blog,

    They posted a new address, here it is if anyone is interested :


  • Mikey


    Search in or type for "Star Crossed Dancers" and "Final Fantasy' MJ fics, they're the best.

  • Helga

    more hot fanfic stories on:


    great website!!! enjoy you all! love from Holland

  • MariaGMaria

    Thanks for the sites, I have been trying to find some good MF fan fic for a while. I found some here http://michaeljacksonfcl.yu... and http://Mjsite.com if anyone is interested. Pretty good stories. I will defintely check out these sites.

  • jenny7453

    MJ Fan fic found at www.angellikus.com/forgetme...

  • Seven part story on MJ: R to NC-17

    Part I

  • Korynn

    MJEOL.com is a fan community that has an entire forum dedicated to fanfiction. A lot of it is R to NC-17 and most of it is rated right on the page so you don't have to sit through chapters of crap waiting for a sex scene.

  • Guess

    If you're looking for fanfic, you can find some here: www.cobracrackcentral.blogs...
    The stories are HOT!

  • Mj4Life

    lol !!! I'm so desparate girl looking for good fanfic like yours I was looking for more and look who I find! U go girl! Your fan fics ARE fantastic and HOT lol!! - I agree. I see also you got a lil white shadow following you. Man, how jealous must a person be to follow you around the damn internet????? O-o They must really be overdosing on that haterade! Did I already say jealous? *tee-hee* Damn!! Well, I can't wait for you to update *** p.s. I had to blocks my name cauZ I don't want noone following me LOL!!!!

  • Guest

    : )

  • ginnyinvisible

    Here's a fanfiction/poetry site.


  • Guest

    I want to read some MJ fic!!! There are some good one's out there that i have read.. most is pretty terrible, i must say. Go to some "Michael Jackson Fansites" and you'll probably find a forum. Most i have found have led me to dead links because the sites have closed down..argh! :(

  • Lj
  • Mel

    Thanks for those. :D I write some myself but then I started liking Janet more.....anyone know of Janet J fanfic websites??? PLEASEEE let me know, I'm dying to find some of those!! :) Thanksss

  • Anna

    Even thought on the website you're not allowed (people do it anyway) there are some Michael Jackson fanfiction on FanFiction.net, just type in Michael Jackson in the search bar. Some of it you have to search for, but not as much as MJSite.com. (Lord help that site)

  • Name
  • Lj

    If you are looking for MJFF go here.

    Yuku.com and register for an account. Its free and simple.

    Then go here to my page...http://lj.u.yuku.com/

    and here: http://michaeljacksonsexgod... (this board has loads of it)

  • Lj

    go here for my profile, I write MJ FF.


    Also go here: http://michaeljacksonsexgod... (this board has loads of it)

    If you are not a member or Yuku, you will need to join. It's free and simple to do.


  • davide1982

    P Diddy had very precisely described the genius of Michael Jackson: "He showed that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life. He made me believe in magic."

    Check other notable tributes paid to Michael Jackson by peers:


  • Valo

    I wrote a Captain Eo (movie in whcih MJ starred) and put it on Fanfiction.net.
    It's here http://www.fanfiction.net/s...
    Would be must happy about feedback!

  • Dee

    There are plenty of Michael Jackson fanfics, you just have to know where to look. Some good ones out there...i've read a few good one awhile back. I'll come back and leave a link when i find some :)

  • Diane

    Can anyone recommend any excellent MJ fanfiction???

  • Guest
  • sidewinder_FH

    Thank you Rachel! I'll be sure to check them out and add the info to the wiki.

  • I made a new Michael Jackson Fanfiction site. It's pretty easy to follow, and it's not hard to understand.


    Micahel Jackson FF,

    It's still in the works, but it should be done soon.

  • sidewinder_FH

    Thanks for the link to the site. I'll add it to the Michael Jackson fanfic links at FanHistory so more people can find it. It seems a lot of people are interested in finding fan fiction right now and maybe expressing their feelings through fanfic, so it's good to know there are some forums out there for it.

  • Noel

    Funny that I found this blog, because I was just wondering myself if there was any Michael Jackson fanfiction. I noticed there wasn't a lot out there, so I figured, why not create a place? As of right now, it's only me and a friend on there - no stories, but hopefully it'll grow. It's not much, but it's a start.
    I included the link in case anyone wanted to take a look.

  • sidewinder_FH

    Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to add it to the MJ Fanfiction section at FanHistory so more people can find it.

  • Guest


    Good stories on here...and lenghty too ^_^
    Michael deserves more fanfic and i hope too that now he's in the spotlight more people will find him interesting and write GOOD stories about him :D

  • sidewinder_FH

    Hello, and thank you for the link! I'll be sure to check out the site and update our links here at FanHistory with this information, so that other fans can find their way there.

  • mlhj

    there used 2 be some really good ones out there. idk what happened. it all just dissapeared into thin air I guess...

  • There is some fan fiction for Michael Jackson on FicWad. I believe there are five stories.

  • sidewinder_FH

    Cool, thanks. I'll have to add that to the Michael Jackson article. I'd forgotten which large multi-fandom archives allow RPF.

  • http://fanhistory.com/wiki/... I saw it from that. I don't know if they have new stories since then. We also have an article about http://fanhistory.com/wiki/... there. Probably should create a few more articles related to all this.

  • Guest

    Thank you Laura for those wonderful links.

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