AOL message boards are closing and taking a bit of fandom history with them

October 18th, 2008 by Laura Leave a reply »

AOL’s message boards have played an important role in the growth of on-line fandom.  They were often the first experience many had with on-line fandom because of AOL’s reach, its market saturation and because AOL had content locked behind its service that you needed to subscribe to in order to gain access to.  While some parts of fandom might have come of age on-line with Usenet, through services like Prodigy and GEnie and university provided Interner access, many more did it through AOL.

AOL stopped being the subscriber of choice by the early 2000s and official boards began to die as fewer and fewer people participated on them.  Eventually, the boards were moved from AOL’s locked behind ISP software to the web.   People continued to use them less.  And now, it looks like AOL is officially killing their boards.  It brings an official end to that part of fandom’s history.  It is pretty sad in its own way.

  • This is quite interesting, thanks for the post, I am impressed with your work, you rock totally!

  • Thanks for the post, I am totally impressed with your work, just keep posting like this, bookmarking you right away.

  • Theresa

    I wish AOL would reconsider..I enjoy posting/using the message boards on AOL and I like the format. I also have mad so many friends on AOL through our message boards..

  • Well, i even did not know that AOL message boards were that much popular in the past and if it was the case that definitely they are dying now..

  • cherry

    i know this is a long shot, but i wrote a... novel? short story? in increments on the aol message boards from 99-2000 ish. the main characters were cherry and brach and someone was amazing enough to archive them on a website for me and id love to see those old stories again... if anyone has any information -

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