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I was doing some random viewing of articles on Fan History and I stumbled across another of people who belonged in multiple fandoms where the fandoms that they belonged to didn’t seem to go together at all… Below is a list of a few of the ones that made boggle and smile:

Do these fandoms go together?  Is there a logical connection which would indicate a person would be a fan of them all?  Also, what fandoms do you belong to when you look at them all together would appear random to others?

  • laura47

    I keep wondering about things like this. What makes shows like "House", which are totally not SF at all, seem to fall so easily into having the same kind of fandom that SF shows have? Is it just quality? Is there some other aspect? I wonder as I wander!

  • sidewinder_FH

    Well, in the case of "House", my experience is that it's a fairly "ship"-driven fandom (largely slash and het, though also big with some "friend-shippers" as well who enjoy the House/Wilson dynamic, sexual or not.)

    So it's going to appeal to the same SF fans who watch, say "Star Trek" more for Kirk/Spock than for science fiction; who like "Stargate" for Jack/Daniel and McShep, etc etc. For shippers it's not so much the universe or genre as it is the characters, and these shows have strong relationship dynamics that appeal to that kind of fan. Hence similar fandoms, also when you have fan migration from one to the other as popular fanwriters/artists/vidders/etc migrate around.

    Sometimes it's hard to discern patterns, though, and they might not always exist. If someone were to look at my fandoms, they'd seem pretty diverse too: A-Team, Beatles, Star Wars, The Police, Hong Kong cinema, Brimstone, Xena, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Smallville... Sometimes there have been certain elements that are similar (I like humorous action/adventures; I like bandoms where there is a strong conflict within the band between two individuals; I like certain actors and will follow their work from one show or movie to the next). But I don't think you can relate, say, my interest in The A-Team to The Police (ok, beyond they were both big in the 80s and part of my childhood...but that doesn't make me automatically a fan of all other 80s stuff and there isn't much similarity between the two). Our tastes and interests can have different facets, and when we go from one fandom to the next, even when they're very different, we probably bring a lot of our fandom experiences with us that help shape the way our involvement in the next fandom will go.

  • laura47

    I just don't consider music fandoms at all when considering this. Does that make me strange? Are you reading Foo Fighter fanfic, for instance?

  • sidewinder_FH

    I read it, when I can find it and when it doesn't suck - sadly Foofic often is not very good and/or is very cliched.

    Strange? I don't know. There are certain similarities with the pairings I like in music fic with those I like in media fiction (strong conflicts, love/hate dynamics, etc). But I tend to find it hard in general to correlate some of my friends' taste in media fiction with the music fiction they also read (if they read it). Except I know a number of us who are Stewart/Sting fans also like House/Wilson because we see a lot of parallels between the characters, in personality and oddly enough in appearance...

  • laura47

    Sometimes, online or at cons, I feel so conventional in my fandom tastes. Then I go back to watching things with my RL geek friends and get teased about being the obsessive slasher.

    I've always felt a little bit weird about real person fic, so that's probably part of why I never really considered bandfic. I'm not interested in it at all, despite really loving music and really loving some bands. (Amusingly, one of my current favorite bands is a local band that's made it big in the last few years, and the singer used to date one of my friends, and there's a song quite explicitly about him on the latest album. And some of my friends really don't like the singer personally, which leads to odd and amusing dynamics if I, say, wear a band t-shirt. I do try to avoid wearing my shirt with a picture of the singer around said ex, even though I know that they're cool, the ex even did some performance art at a show I was at a few months back.)

    I've watched House for years (though I missed s3 for no good reason) and I was never very shippy about it. I joked around about House/Wilson but never read any fic. And then suddenly, boom, "Joy" happens and I find myself shipping House/Cuddy *hard*. It realy blind sided me! I didn't realize I cared!

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