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November 23rd, 2010 by Laura Leave a reply »

As we were down to one active admin and real life issues interfered with our ability to continue to patrol, we’ve decided to lock down the wiki to editing.  If you still wish to edit, please e-mail Laura at Fan History dot Com.  Special access could possibly be given if you would like to really improve things.  The wiki will continue to exists for historical reasons.

We would love for our interests to peak again and to open it again.  If there are a few people who might like to admin, let me know.  Maybe something can be worked out.  If you are interested in having a mirror or taking control of it, or you might be interested in integrating it into a non-profit project, drop me a line.

We’ve had a great run.  We really appreciate all the work that contributors have provided.  Fandom is seriously fantastic and we’ve all met interesting and awesome people as a result.  We could not have created what we did with out you all.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude.  Thank you fandom for your help.

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    This is bad...

  • You should still have editing privileges and if you know of others who can be trusted to edit, we can add them to the list. Everything just came down to Tikatu for the past six months and it just didn't seem particularly fair. :/ It won't be deleted at all. It just will basically require people e-mailing me so I can create them an account so they can edit. I'll work on making that a little more clear later this weekend.

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