If you’re seeing this, it works!

May 10th, 2010 by Jon Leave a reply »

This is the very first post coming to you from the wonderful land of the new server.  With any luck everyone should be seeing this message within the next 24 hours.  As with any move there are issues of DNS propagation bla, bla, bla and more technical mumbo jumbo here.

So to make the long story short, we think we’ve got all the kinks worked out.  The wiki is once again in read/write mode (IE running normally), and of course you can comment here.

We (I) would appreciate it if you left a note should you run across anything acting “odd”.  That’s all for now.

  • Jon

    All fixed now. Sorry about that.

  • TK

    I have the same problem as ReelzChannel. Please fix.

  • I am trying to update a movie star page and am receiving the error "out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen" Can you help me?

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