Google security fail

April 6th, 2010 by Laura Leave a reply »

I use Google for e-mail and for analytics.  I also use other features but those are my two big ones.  For the past two days, I’ve had what I consider a pretty significant security issue and I’m not sure where it is originating from.  It is this:

What’s the major problem? I’m not I have a different e-mail address I use. It doesn’t appear that and I are sharing a common Internet connection. I only log in to Google from my home Internet connection. When I googled to see who was, they weren’t located in the same state. I should not be logged in to their account. When I discovered this yesterday, I logged out. (And then I didn’t log in to another account. I didn’t need to use Google)

I should not be logged in to some one else’s account and I should not be able to view their Google Analytics information. Does anyone have any idea where this problem might be originating from?

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