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February 19th, 2010 by Nile Flores Leave a reply »

Now, I am aware the fanfiction giant, needs funding. I also know it brings in quite a bit of money. However, I am just wondering if the site might actually grow up and out of their table phase and more into Web 2.0 where they could offer better advertising.

Better advertising by which means ads that do not interfere with the scrolling of the site and ads that totally direct people off of the site. This happens way too often. There has to be a better way for to integrate a better advertising system.

Their advertising system is a complaint I have heard over the last decade other than extreme adult material on the site that still remains even though they have policies toward such material. I think most people can deal with the primitive design, but the advertising is an annoyance. Where some fanfiction and fandom sites are upgrading into 2.0 and climbing in rank and traffic, has stayed the same for the last six months, according to Alexa.

So even if never changes their normal system, at least fix what system is currently installed. It is a total fail unless the point was to totally push users onto their advertisers’ sites.

  • What are some fansites which have embraced Web 2.0?

    (And possibly 3.0?)

  • - Inuyasha based site that focuses on Sesshoumaru and Kagome pairing. This is run on Joomla, I believe. A lot of work was put into it and it looks great.

  • I don't really pay much attention to the ads on, but the full page ads bug me. Sometimes it is hard to find the "skip this ad" button, and if you aren't careful you end up somewhere you'd rather not be. It is an annoyance, but I try to ignore it.

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