USA (NBC)’s Olympics curling coverage

February 16th, 2010 by Laura Leave a reply »

Yesterday, we got Olympics at one CST on NBC.  Today, we got USA at 11 with curling.  (It continued on with hockey.)  NBC kicks in at 3pm with speed skating.

Curling coverage is about what I wanted: The game, the game and the game.  They didn’t cut away to give me Pixar commercials (no how curling would have been during the Viking age), no player profiles that last five minutes and rerun repeatedly.  NBC/USA could have given us a bit more with what was going on in the other three lanes but that’s okay.  I’d still prefer the US obsession while covering the damned sport mostly uninterrupted to what we’ve had so far.

Now I have to make the choice of hockey (love) or speed skating and other Olympic sports that I feel NBC will botch in covering.

  • Robert

    But how much more annoying can the male ( Tim Ryan? I think) be??? They open the mikes for us to hear the players but he talks right over them and comes close to mocking the competitors when they mess up!!!!!!! Normally he is a competent announcer but on here he stinks and more he is grating!

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