NBC’s Olympic coverage is ruining my Olympic spirit

February 15th, 2010 by Laura Leave a reply »

I love sports and I love the Olympics.  I sack out in front of the television and watch them.  The summer games were at times fantastic because there were sometimes up to four channels with coverage.  Yes, tape delayed to bring the best stuff in prime time was annoying… but at least I had options to watch events that NBC wasn’t as concerned about ratings wise.

Cut to the Winter Games.  I want to watch something that I know is on live.  No dice.  There isn’t wall to wall Olympic sporting events.  Suck.  It is Presidents Day and CNBC isn’t covering business news because the markets in the US are closed.  Did we get anything there?  Nope.  We got a few hours from noon to about three pm on NBC.  Nothing on any of NBC’s other channels.  Zippo.  On a day when markets are closed.  It is depressing.  What we get in primetime is tape delayed events that NBC is happy to spoil for me with poor timing with Tom Brokaw.  (He didn’t say you could turn your head back to the screen.  Instead, he started talking about the Chinese pair’s figure skating while NBC left medal info on the screen.)

The major events that we get involve Americans where we think that they will perform better than any other Americans have before or where we think that they have medal chances.  We don’t get profiles of athletes outside of Americans.  …  Unless they are figure skaters.  I’ve yet to see curling on screen.  I didn’t get to watch an American women hockey game.

Just fail fail fail.  NBC is ruining my experience as a fan who wants to watch games on television or through streaming media. If you didn’t want to broadcast the games NBC, you should have figured out how to get out of your deal.  How you handled it (and the Leno situation) sucks.

  • PeterA

    They say that we live in a free society and that are media isn't censored. Its debatable as to how the government provides restrictive information, however the true censorship is controlled by the mighty dollar. To have NBC admit that its tape delay's of live events to West Coast viewers is justified by higher ratings clearly shows that their monetary interest greatly outweighs their responsibility to the community.

    Instead of showing us live events and unbiased coverage, we are subject, through their monopoly of US Coverage to: 35% advertising, 30% athlete coverage and prior Olympic recap (Torino '06) and 35% actual coverage.

    Lets take a look:
    Advertising preceeds all event coverage and even interupts events. In addition, during prime-time, when audiences are younger in age, they allow ads for Shutter Island and Saw VI forcing us with smaller children to quickly change channels and mute the volume. Thank You NBC for your lack of social consideration.

    Athlete Coverage
    Why does NBC have interviewers asking 3 US Skiers what kind of resentment do they have against each other, seeingthat all three are vying for medals and that two of them already have medals from 2006. Are they getting along? Have negative feelings and sentiments been exchanged? This is the level of interview coverage that we ar ebombarded with, and even after the three had indictaed to the interviewer on four separate occassions that there was no resentment, the interviewer maintanied his position. Why couln't the questions be about the sport itself, perhaps because the interviewer didn't know anything about the sport that he couldn't even speak their lingo. They should have hired an actual athlete to conduct the interview.

    Actual Coverage
    Once again, Thank You NBC. Your coverage is biased and shows us only the US athletes and top three finishers, No wonder the World hates us, they think that we are wholly arrogant with no consideration for others.

    European coverage is start-to-finish from 7pm through to 3am (thats live coverage for them). It shows the complete event. Either every athlete and compitition for the Luge or Alpine Descent or Biathalon - irrespective of who's winning (maybe thats a reason why they get along with their neighbors)

    In any case, NBC, You Suck. Your a Monopolistic Anti-Socieatal Parasite who does nothing for Americans. We are not how you portray us. We ar enothing how are Government represents us. We are Free, and now we are angry.

  • tom

    NBC Sucks!!! The Men's Downhill ....the premiere event of the Olympics.... 12 minutes of racing coverage showing only 6 runs. And of course there is no other channel or stream to watch the entire event. I wish they wouldnt even try...

  • Having been spoiled for the results, I watched and was like wow: Bodie, the two people who beat him, a Canadian and some one who crashed.

    They had women's luge after local news and the speed skating. It was race, set of commercials, race, set of commercials. The commercials were longer than the races and they didn't seem to share much. The only part of that coverage that I can be a bit thankful for is no Pixar ads during the coverage. It was still annoying as I TiVoed it to watch this morning when I was awake and I kept almost overshooting the whole race... One of the speed skaters is local to Chicago and we didn't get to see his qualifying. All we got told was that he pulled out after his first run. Just... wrong.

  • dlew

    I agree about the terrible coverage of the Olympics! I am also perplexed why while watching the 1-5 p.m. telecast on NBC it is herky-jerky. Watching it on Dish Network should be fluid and not like streaming video. The 8 p.m. telecast are fine. Why?????

  • Not having problems with it in DirectTV.

    What is also killing me about NBC is the constant plugging of that Pixar film. In the middle of an event, they cut to how the event might be during the caveman days. DO NOT WANT.

  • dlew

    Today, during the Snowboard competition it was herky-jerky but the alpine skiing was fine. I think snowboarding was from Cypress and maybe they transmit different from there.

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