Who Can Save Mediaminer.org From A Slow Death?

January 26th, 2010 by Nile Flores Leave a reply »

For several years, I have been a member of Mediaminer.org. The site is a place for users to share their fanfiction and fanart, as well as connect. The site has not changed much design-wise. Some of the backend is broken as the database often fails to connect to user profiles.

And, the moderators seem non-existent. How do I know? I tried contacting them over a false incident of plagiarism that they failed to look into. In fact, the only response was being informed of the incident in a very unprofessional manner. This site has a lot of users that have signed up, but looking at the Mediaminer’s statistics through Alexa, this site is going toward a slow death. Even on Alexa, the site’s description is “Xxx Movies.” That is a serious factor that the site is crying for serious attention to be updated.

The Mediaminer forum is a serious reflection of this slowly dying site as the forums once thrived with thousands of new threads a day and now dwindling to at least a dozen.

Mediaminer is actually a potential hub for great fanfiction. The amount on anime fanfiction is great, almost third to Fanfiction.net, and Adultfanfiction.net.

The problem is that there are a lot of factors against them:
- Lack of moderator presence (including looking into serious accusations before making rash decisions)
- Lack of community
- Needing a major upgrade to fix the bugs, glitches, and database errors.
- More efficient and user-friendly design, including a far better front page than gobs of bordered tables and text
- Focus on encouraging the community to interact

However, the scariest factor is knowing the site of its size is just not properly moderated. If Mediaminer wants to encourage people to actually purchase space or attract more advertisers, they may want to pay more attention to the site.

  • The problem with MM is I believe that is really all they probably would like. I am not even sure if it is worth buying, rather more finding caring and knowledgeable mods and techs willing to volunteer time for the site.

    Would someone else buy out and improve it? Who knows. Like FF, I am sure on some level MM brings in some good money from the advertisement banners on the site.

  • I've talked to an admin or two in the past about taking it over but I could never get a hold of the founder to see about making that happen. :/

  • It is unfortunate that they have not. It is one thing that just makes me want to start a new fanfiction and fanart site.

  • Please feel free to aggressively contact them and tell them that Fan History would be happy to host them. We'll make it work.

  • I have been saddened to see the slow decline of MM over time. I agree with you that the design is not the most attractive and the interface could certainly be cleaned up and made more user-friendly. I have not encountered the bugs and database errors, but I do not doubt they exist. I like the fact that MM does not have limits on what fiction can and cannot be posted unlike FF.net, and the wealth of anime fanfic there is wonderful. I hope the admins take notice, or that someone buys them out.

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