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Like DeadJournal, JournalFen is a LiveJournal clone.   It has a smaller active user base than DeadJournal with only 95 users updating in the past 24 hours on December 22, 2009.  JournalFen has 250 users that list themselves as being from Australia.   Surprisingly, according to Alexa, JournalFen is ranked 2,385 in Australia and accounts for 19.7% of all traffic to JournalFen.

I’m currently exploring the size and shape of the Australian Football League community on LiveJournal clones.  This piece explores the community on JournalFen.  To find the size of the AFL community on JournalFen, I went to the Interest Search using AFL and each current and past team in the AFL.   Three people listed the AFL as an interest.  One was born in 1975, one in 1991 and one did not list a year of birth.  One is from the ACT, one is from Victoria and one does not list  a state they are from.

Unlike DeadJournal, JournalFen attracts a large audience specifically for certain communities that sometimes do not allow anon commenting. Users are thus incentivized to register but, because of the small size and lack of audience, not necessarily to utilize it for their primary blogging space.   This may explain why the three people who list AFL as an interest have last updated, at the earliest, 189 weeks ago.

People listing teams as an interest is comparable to DeadJournal: Three teams have people who list them as an interest.  Two, Fremantle Dockers and Sydney Swans, have one person each who list them as an interest.  One, the Hawthorn Hawks, have two people who list them as an interest; one is listed under Hawthorn and the other under Hawthorn Hawks.  This actually represents a total of three people because one user lists two teams as an interest.  Two of the people who list teams also list the AFL as an interest.

For the Fremantle Dockers, the person does not list a state and lists 1987 as a year of birth.  For the Hawthorn Hawks, one person is from the ACT and lists 1975 as their year of birth. The other one is from Victoria and lists 1991 as their year of birth.  For the Sydney Swans, the person is from the ACT and lists 1975 as their year of birth.

The community for the AFL is tiny.  It is hard to draw any conclusion about it as it only has four people.

  • If you were looking specifically for Australian audiences (on international sites), it would be good to use Hitwise. They generally tell who visits LiveJournal and the rest.

    And if you do city for Melbourne (Demons) and Sydney (Swans), it might be good to look in the suburb in which they are based. This is their home ground and their social club. The Crows, for instance, are based in Westlakes.

  • Hitwise charges for their data. :( Ditto with comscore and Compete. Quantcast does provide some traffic info for Australia but it doesn't necessarily rank that compared t other sites. (hm. May have to look at them more now that I see they've added that.)

    If I expand things, I'll try that. At the moment, doing the team name works some what and is consistent in terms of picking up people.

  • adelaidedupont

    Only 4 people in the AFL community on JournalFen?

    Also, interesting about JournalFen having such a (relatively) large Australian audience. (2,186 is the present ranking).

    It's also interesting to read about the Latvian/Russian clones.

    Some activity goes on in the AFL WikiProject.

    In a few years time there will be 2 new teams: Gold Coast and Western Sydney.

    On Dreamwidth, there are 5 people with St Kilda as an interest.

  • I've not looked for St. Kilda as St. Kilda. I've mostly looked for it as St. Kilda Saints or st kilda saints. Mostly because I can't really do city for teams like Melbourne and Sydney. :( That might be one of the failure on my part. (Which is more ironic in that I own a St. Kilda scarf and hat and have watched two or three games on television.) If looked at from that perspective, they are a zero.

    I'm trying to write up the rest of the LiveJournal clones. It is just taking a while as I had a lot of offline stuff to do.

    Getting benchmarks is useful because changes in patterns can be looked at. For LiveJournal clones though, some of that might not be that relevant because so many of them have communities that are just NOT active, or haven't been active in years.

    I'm some what leery of the Alexa rankings by country but I don't know of a better source of information about the size of Australian audiences for sites. I'd normally use compete or quantcast but those measure US based audiences or total audience. That isn't particularly useful in this case.

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