Today’s Twitter follow spammer is @wmdean, William Mathes

December 20th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

@wmdean, William Mathes, is another one of those misguided Twitter follow spammers.  He sells cufflinks and appears on people’s marriage related lists.  Nothing in his profile indicates an interest in fandom or fan communities.  He has over 2,000 followers.   Fan History’s twitter stream doesn’t really show any crossover interest.   We can’t find out why he followed us unless we follow him back so we can see his @ replies or get his DMs.

@wmdean, William Mathes, please stop with the Twitter follow spam.  If you’re interested in cool Twitter accounts like ours where you are unlikely to offer anything of value to us in return, that’s what lists are for.  We’d love for you to add us to your lists.  But sending people unwanted Twitter follows so you can sell your cufflinks to them?  That a Twitter follow spammer makes.

  • cufflinklover

    OMG! This guy is not the King of Cufflinkw, he's the King of Spam! do a facebook search on cufflinks and you will see he spams every other persons businesses, social pages, fashion etc! So annoying!

  • Yeah. Pretty annoying. He kept offering me free cufflinks, insisting he wasn't spamming and failing to answer the question of why he followed me.

    People like him are why I turned off follow notifications on Twitter. Too many spam follows. If people want me to follow back, they can @ reply me with an intro. If they don't want interaction, than I know it won't likely be a good fit for a return follow.

  • wmdean

    I am not a spammer. I am just looking for like minded individuals that love cufflinks.

    Hey readers! If you love cufflinks, please allow me to wet your appetite with a FREE pair. Just drop me a line at

  • Dude, you just spammed again. There was nothing that indicated that fanhistory was ever indicated in cufflinks. Stop spamming your cufflinks. You've been told not to. You never explained why the account made you think we'd be interested in your cufflinks. And given that you just dropped another spam link after being told not to repeatedly, you've been banned.

  • wmdean

    I am amazed that @purplepopple can accuse me of being a spammer, but when I engage in a discussion, she deletes my comments from her blog.

  • wmdean: Let's try again. Let's start with the premise that I am indeed wrong. You are NOT a Twitter follow spammer. You follow people because you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

    Given that premise, why did you follow @fanhistory?

    As for the other, your "engagement" consisted of trying to market your cufflinks on a blog where it was inappropriate to do so, when you had been accused of spamming us on Twitter. Why would you think we'd give you another platform to sell your merchandise?

    If you are genuinely interested in dialog, and sincere in your efforts, you'll do the following:

    1) Explain why you followed us on Twitter.
    2) Explain why you followed us on Twitter.
    3) Explain why your tweets are a topic that WE would be interested in enough to socially return your follow.

    So let's start the dialog you want. Start there with those conversation points.

  • Laura, Why would you delete my previous messages?

    I am concerned that because you deleted our other exchanges, your readers will not be able to understand my sincerity with this misunderstanding.

    If you are reading this, and you love cufflinks, email me directly at I will send you a FREE pair of cufflinks, with no strings attached.

  • I deleted them because you did not address the issue of this post. It isn't intended to advertise you, but rather to complain about the follow spam you're engaging in.

    As you included links and have never answered the question as to why you followed , the comments were deleted. If you can be on topic and not advertise your product, then it will remain. As you again advertised while not answering the question, this comment was deleted.

    Please try again: Why did you follow ? What about our tweets made you think to follow us? Based on our tweet stream, why did you think we would be interested in follow you?

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