FanLib Rehashed?

December 19th, 2009 by Nile Flores Leave a reply »

I stumbled across the article Disney purchased FanLib in May/June 2008, two months before FanLib’s “closure.” which basically grumbles (sounded a bit bitter at least) about how FanLib was bought out by Disney two months before the site owners announced the site’s closing, all the while letting the community to speculated the reasons.

First off, as a web developer and web designer who has sold websites, there are several factors in these type of transactions. If the buyer invokes a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) then the seller cannot say anything other than what the buyer permits. The website owner reserves the right to release or not to release what information they wish to the public.

There really should be no debate, nor banning people because they do not agree with the topic. (which happened to me. No idea as I was stating a fact. Unfortunate I stumbled in a loony bin of megalomaniacs.) In fact, the whole ordeal with FanLib it is OLD news. Time to move on.

Websites are bought all the time. It is unfortunate when a popular site is closed and may be difficult to get over, but it is not to cry about. It is to get over it, learn from the experience, and create a better community. And EVEN if that community were to be bought too, there is nothing to say that another site like it either does not exist. There are plenty of communities that do exist.

  • I had some trouble following the first paragraph of this blog because of some grammar problems with it. :(

    However, I agree with later points. It's a lot easier--but cowardly, imho--to just ban someone instead of engaging them in a debate or discussion. The only time it's fair to ban is when someone is obviously trolling, not because you can't face people critical of your point of view.

  • If the reason for banning me was because I had worked for a company that made money off fandom, there are people who do that in other ways and the community doesn't kick them out. In fact, they praise them and elevate their positions. They leverage their positions to promote their projects.

    The part that is annoying is also the secret nature of these bans, where they don't communicate it to us.

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