When did businesses become fandoms?

December 19th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

When did businesses become fandoms?  I was reading a Business Week article and it had the following quote:

Yelp also gives Google entrée to a loyal social community—something it has had difficulty building on its own in the past. Users of Yelp, often calling themselves “Yelpers,” have been known to form tight-knit groups that meet at favorite bars and hang-outs. “This is distinct from what Google is about,” says Greg Sterling, principle of Sterling Market Intelligence. Yelp’s is a fandom that lures a lot of interested advertisers.

Social groups do not a fandom make.  Just because the structures look the same does not mean they are fandom.  Fandom tends to describe a certain subset of activities inside of certain cultures in response to popular culture products.  Yelp! is not what I would ever describe as a fandom.

  • "Social groups do not a fandom make. "

    Are you becoming Yoda? lol...jk ;)

    I am not so sure about that... when people are making fan stuff for these, like for Twitter and Facebook, and even WordPress... it does tread on the fannish side.

  • You can have fanboys (and fangirls) with out being a fandom. Apple's fanboys are pretty loud and mirror activities of fandom but I don't know that I would call Apple a fandom.

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