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We’ve been doing a lot of backend improvements on Fan History. In the course of fixing things up, we’ve been looking at other fundamental issues to our going forward and excelling at our mission. One of the things that we realized was that we needed to make a switch in our copyright policy. We’ve chosen to go with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (“CC 3.0″).   We feel that this will help us in several areas:

  • Be able to use text contributions from other CC 2.0+ licensed projects. This includes Wikipedia, Wikia, and many, many more.
  • Have a more secure legal position. The enforceability and legality of our current copyright is a big potential issue. This would solve that problem by using a recognized, legal copyright.
  • Become future compatible. CC 3.0 will automatically upgrade to the latest version.
  • Help attract new contributors from other projects. People expect a certain license type if they want to be involved. Our current one is discouraging to some people in the wiki community.

If you have any questions about what this switch will mean, please read the rational for this.  If you made any contributions and object to this change, please comment on the page with refuse and we’ll work with you to reach some sort of resolution.  If you have yet still  more questions, comment here or on the talk page for the license upgrade switch.

  • So in the most laymen terms possible (because legalese makes my brain hurt) - does this mean that, say, if I'm working on an article on a tv show like "Glee", I could directly "cut and paste" information about the show from the wikipedia article on the show (if appropriate? Like the general summary of what the show is about, list of characters, etc.) How would appropriate credit be given - listing the wikipedia article as a source/reference?

  • Jon

    You should also include the URL you got the content from. If you take a look at

    You'll see that I #1 in the edit summary I included the URL it came from (I do exact version, just in case) #2 the content itself and #3 the {{Wikipedia}}.

    The {{Wikipedia}} template includes a link back to Wikipedia with the exact same page name as FH's. So in my example, link ( ) if you click "Wikipedia" link in the text, you end up at . You can change this (As is documented on ) to say {{Wikipedia|Glee (TV series)}} to override that autolink.

  • You can copy and paste from Wikipedia. You have to cite it. If it is beyond a quote that you want to have it stand alone as from Wikipedia, put {{Wikipedia}} on the page and that should suffice. But yeah, we can now copy and creative derivative copies from Wikipedia with out fear of violating their licenses.

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