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November 30th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

This month has been really exciting for us in a lot of ways. I’ve gotten in touch with more people in the wiki community, started work on planning RecentChangesCamp 2010, applied to grad school, learned a lot about the Wikimedia Foundation, gotten our back end improved, did a lot of fandom research. Year to date so far, our visitor count has increased by about 81%. Lots of excitement! Outside of what we have been doing, what have our visitors been doing?

Top referring sites

Search Engines


  • mcstories
  • adultfanfiction
  • tijuana bible
  • restricted section
  • fandomination
  • adult fanfiction
  • freedom of speech fanfiction
  • naruto wiki
  • cassandra claire
  • yugioh card maker


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