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November 17th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

We’re getting hit with visits from at least four countries and ten visitors in the past half hour about people having connection problems with FanFiction.Net.  Beyond that, if there is an issue, we won’t know as we can access the site and FanFiction.Net doesn’t have any announcements on their site regarding downtime or other problems.

  • The front page says they're "rolling out a siginificant new addition to FanFiction.Net and perform some critical upgrades to our backend system" over the next two weeks.

    It also notes: "We have modified the Justin section to include display of crossover stories. In addition, we have limited the range of filterable categories to the top 100 sorted by archive size. Please note that by default the Just In will display the last 50 stories from all available (unfiltered) categories."

    So, this may be why people are having trouble with pages not loading, etc.

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