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November 12th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

I got an e-mail two or three days from some one who found this blog and asked for affiliate links.  They touted their own page rank and how it would be to both our advantages to do this.  My reply was basically: Why are you asking me for links on the blog when you can get rel=follow blogs on the wiki, where the links can be on pages more targeted to their audience? The person replied back with something like: Fan History is a much better place! Here is more info on why we should affiliate link!

People?  Don’t send me those type of e-mails.  Don’t send others those sort e-mails.  Fan History Wiki is a wiki.  You want links?  All you have to do is follow our rules and our self promotion guidelines.  You don’t have to ask us if this is okay.  We encourage that because it makes the wiki more relevant and more useful.  If you want more incoming links, go ahead and add them to Fan History.

Are we going to add links to you on Fan History at your request?  Maybe… but generally only if you’re asking for a front page link because you have big, big fandom news that you think everyone landing on the main page needs to know about.  (Ficathons, charity events, law suits, contests, that sort of thing.)  If the link is good enough because your news is that good, we’ll be happy to blog about it.  Outside that, e-mails for reciprocal link are pretty much ignored.

The only other exception is if you want us to create a lot of articles (50+) about your site.  Then please feel free to e-mail us with as many details as possible, why you want those pages, what is required of us, how this will help Fan History be better at completing its mission.

Please, no e-mails requesting affiliate linking.

  • But Laura! I wanna be an affiliate! :(.


  • :D That's what my LiveJournal is for. ;-)

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