What day is the most popular day to publish Death Note fan fiction?

November 15th, 2008 by Laura Leave a reply »

I was looking at the Death Note fan fiction community size article which tracks the number of new stories posted to five different archives. I was curious as to what date of the week was the most popular for posting stories because conventional wisdom is that one of the best days to post fan fiction is Monday or Tuesday because Saturday and Sunday are slow days for getting feedback.

Average number of stories uploaded by weekday

In the case of the Death Note fandom, Sunday is the most popular day of the week to upload.  Monday is the next most popular date.  Thursday is the slowest.  … With almost half the average amount of stories that are uploaded on Sunday.  So if you want your story to stand out, it might be best to publish it on Thursday so that the eyes that are there can find your stories amongst the other new stuff.

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