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November 1st, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

I’ve been busy in the past two days being a big hockey fan, having seen the Chicago Blaze and the Rockford Ice Hogs play. The Chicago Blaze are an AAHL team. They play in Rolling Meadows. Home games cost $8. Parking is free. Food is cheap. The hockey is entertaining and the team is undefeated.

I didn’t have my normal camera so I was stuck taking pictures on my cell phone on Friday night. Those pictures can be found here at Chicago Blaze images. If you have your own images, please feel free to upload them.

On Halloween, I went the 50 miles to Rockford, Illinois to see the Rockford Ice Hogs play. I’d been to a Chicago Wolves game before and had loads of fun there. The Ice Hogs are the Chicago Blackhawks farm team and get a lot, lot of promotion on WZOK, a Rockford radio station I listen to a lot. I decided at 5:50pm to see them with a start time at 7:05. Eek. The parking was more affordable than the Wolves: $5 vs. $11. I got a ticket for $12 behind the goal on the second level. Second level seats seem a bit better (Metro Center) than they do at Wolves games. (Allstate Arena) I didn’t buy any food so I can’t really compare. It was a lot of fun. The fans at this game chanted and cheered and talked to other fans. I was amused by the cheering when the Ice Hogs scored. The cheer? “Hey, guess what? Your goalie sucks!” This chanting went on for a while. Some one also had bubbles blowing. The hockey players seemed a bit more intense, quicker to get on and off the ice than the Chicago Blaze. The hits were harder. Awesome fun. I’d go see them play again. (Though I might see the Wolves first as they have better entertainment during the game.) Oh and hey! Free wifi inside the Metro Center.

Again, no camera but had my cell phone camera. My pictures are at Rockford Ice Hogs images.

I love hockey. I love the game experience for the AAHL and the AHL. I just never want to hear how rude Chicago Cubs fans are again. Anyone who says that? They haven’t attended a hockey game, where rudeness has been ritualized and is good fun.

  • stevep124563

    Go BLAZE!!!!! a great cheap way to good fun entertainment.

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