Copyright Issues In the Air For Halloween?

October 29th, 2009 by Nile Flores Leave a reply »

Through the years, many individuals and companies have been come face to face with cease and desist orders over copyright infringement. Zazzle, a type of CafePress website for users to be able to create their own designs and sell them on various bobbles and clothing was sued by Summit Entertainment for selling Twilight swag.

Courthouse news mentions it in their article Moviemakers Sue Site Over ‘Twilight’ Swag

Though the main event this Halloween season seems to be Ms Marmite Lover.

Then Warner Bros sent their own ceast and desist letter to a blogger by the name of Ms Marmite Lover who wanted to have a Harry Potty Dinner in her home for the cost of recooping the fees of the meal. She has placed the ordeal on her site and changed the name of her party, but still drew up drama to try to get support for her idea. Her blog entry, Generic Wizard night illustrates the issue, but also boiled over to in her article – Harry Potter and the chamber of lawyers. It was even mentioned in the site in the article Muggle lawyers ban Harry Potter feast

Some of the commenters tried to tell her through her site and the Gaurdian site that if her feast had been not for profit, it would have been no problem and there was no reason to pitch a fit to the public if she changed the name already. Yes, even if it might sound ridiculous, it is unfortunate that society has come to horde anything in the name of money.

Some reactions to Ms Marmite Lover and the Case of Copyright Infringement:

‘Screw You, Mrs Marmite Lover’
Warner Bros. to fan: No Harry Potter dinners for you!
Harry Potter themed dinner banned for ‘infringing copyright’
Harry Potter dinner disappears

You might have to wonder if Halloween just might end up ruined with all the greed amok…

written by Nile Flores (@blondishnet on Twitter)

  • Also loves Marmite

    Ms Marmite lover has claimed that her restaurant (which she runs 2 days a week, every week) is not for profit.
    Then - in an email in response to a mediocre review, she tells writes that it is "her sole source of income as a single mum"

    Which is it?

    A friend who attended one of her evenings counted 45 covers, at £25 a head (plus £10 for wine), which means Ms Marmite Lover has an annual turnover of £150,000 ... "to cover overheads"

    In these circumstances I think it is understandable that WB would consider this a commercial operation, and send a letter asking her politely not to co-opt their intellectual property to her business.

  • Even if it is to re-coop the costs of the meal, it is seen as a profit situation. Now, if she had a charity event with a non-profit group that was approved to do a Harry Potter event as long as the money when to the charity...then that would have not been frowned upon.

    The problem is that this issue would have not come up if not mentioned in a manner to drive response in her favor. And obviously there was a lot of people who tried to put it from both sides. Unfortunately, WB was in the right to send a ceast and desist, even for such a small event.

    She still could have had a Harry Potter dinner.... without charging a price even to re-coop cost of food and that would have been okay according to WB.

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