People gaming for autofollowers on Twitter

October 15th, 2009 by Laura Leave a reply »

I feel like it is that time again.  It is time to blog about Twitter.  If you don’t know, I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter.  I had as many as 325 people I followed before I culled it down to around 276.  I like to follow people on Twitter who share a common interest, share common geography, that I have met personally, that offer news I chose to opt in to, that I want to network with.  With the exception of a few news related accounts, I don’t follow people who aren’t likely to interact back with me.

I don’t mind following people who follow me.  I like a balance of follows to followers.  Too many follows and too few followers means likely spam bot is one reason.  I  also like people with fewer followers.  My general assumption is if you have too many followers, you’re just gaming for autofollowers, people to market your company or personal brand at, where you have zero interest in me personally.  My litmus test for following back people with 1,000+ followers is thus sending DMs to those folks and thanking them for the following and asking for an @ reply with why the followed me.  (And if they  don;t want to do that, it is easy enough to find out how to contact me.)  If you can’t do that, it is a clear sign of some one gaming for autofollowers.  The following is a list of people who failed to respond and thus are gaming for autofollowers:

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