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Total fandoms represented on Fan History? Lots and lots.

March 30th, 2009

If you haven’t been watching Fan History’s recent changes page, you might not have noticed it but we’ve steadily been working on clearing out our wanted categories. In the past 10 days or so, we’ve taken that from over 4,500 categories being wanted to what amounts to zero. Along the way, we’ve probably created a bit of a monster in that we’ve found several capitalization issues, several issues with articles appearing or not appearing in categories, etc. Those problems will get resolved over time and will be much easier to address now because we know those categories actually exist and have articles in them. All this category creation has given us reason to reflect on our category organization methods. We’ve subsequently updated our category help page.

Getting to the main point, all this category structure means we have a much better idea of how many fan communities are represented on Fan History. We don’t have a firm count because there is some crossover for things like Star Trek which is both a television show, movie and cartoon. These are estimates based on fandom categories.

  • Actors – 275 fandoms
  • Anime – 550 fandoms
  • Books – 450 fandoms
  • Cartoons – 200 fandoms
  • Comics – 100 fandoms
  • Movies – 1000 fandoms
  • Music – 475 fandoms
  • Politics – 5 fandoms
  • Radio – 35 fandoms
  • Sports – 125 fandoms
  • Table top gamining – 5 fandoms
  • Television – 750 fandoms
  • Theater – 30 fandoms
  • Video games – 250 fandoms
  • unsorted fandoms – 500 fandoms

    Total fandoms: 4,025

  • Yay! Wanted Categories are gone!

    March 30th, 2009

    ZOMG! MAJOR FAN HISTORY PROJECT COMPLETED! WantedCategories on Fan History went from 4,600 about 7 days ago to four today. It is a major, major accomplishment. We now have a much better idea of how many fan communities are represented on Fan History. I need to post those statistics in another post soon. Some categories like Movie fandom categories went from about 300 fandoms to almost 1,000. We also have over 1,000 categories that aren’t yet sorted. Just wow.

    Happy Birthday Wiki!

    March 25th, 2009

    Happy Birthday Wiki! The folks at AboutUs wrote a terrific blog entry about the wiki turning 14 today. Go over there and give it a read. Or view the video below to see more about the celebration.

    Camp Fandom 2.0 Canceled

    March 18th, 2009

    SWSX and a few other reasons are why we canceled it. Hopefully, we can try again later in the year.

    FanworksFinder update

    March 17th, 2009

    FanworksFinder was just getting slammed with spam. We had over 100 pages of spam submissions from robots. In that content, there were only 10 legitimate submissions. We were getting one new spam account registering every 15 minutes like clockwork. This is a development issue with pligg, the software that powers FanworksFinder. We’re just really frustrated.

    So until we can get a pligg developer to help us fix the problem, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to login and register. We’re looking for a solution to this problem.

    Help:Real name deletion

    March 16th, 2009

    We already have general policy of no private information on the wiki and a pretty good article deletion policy. We’re looking to implement a more formalized policy regarding the removal (and addition) of real names on the wiki. A copy of our draft of the real name deletion policy is here. We would love people to give us feedback on this policy, either in the comments here or on the talk page of that article. Let us know your feelings, what advice you have, what you would like to see implemented.

    Race!Fail: Search terms generating visits

    March 15th, 2009

    Over at Fan History, we’ve mostly been reading about Race!Fail. Our reading has been helped along because another admin and a contributor have been developing a list of links related to Race!Fail.  I first noticed a few search visits a few days ago as a result of the articles and so I was kind of curious as to what people were interested in Race!Fail as it pertained to Fan History’s content and how they interacted with it.  So we took a poke through Google Analytics and the following table should give you a good idea.  We thought it was interesting.  (Coffeeandink?  Not so interesting.  Patrick Hayden? Much more interested.  Will Shetterly? Not as fascinating as Elizabeth Bear.)

    Fan History's Race!Fail related keywords as of March 15 2009: bear eliazbeth novel race bear poc elizabeth blood and iron   racefail coffeeandink coffeeandink outed elizabeth bear   writing the other   elizabeth bear + racism elizabeth bear cultural appropriation elizabeth bear debate elizabeth bear literary elizabeth bear open apology elizabeth bear other elizabeth bear race elizabeth bear race fail elizabeth bear racism elizabeth bear racist elizabeth bear racist character elizabeth bear wank elizabeth bear writing the other elizabeth bear   blood iron racist elizabeth bear   racism elizabeth bear   racist elizabeth bear   wank elizabeth bear, racism elizabeth bear's racist comments fandom wank elizabeth bear fandom wank race fail fandom wank race fail 09 higher races doctor who wiki kerfuffle doom cultural bear livejournal race wank livejournal racewank neilsen hayden race wank nielsen hayden race fail patrick nielsen hayden bear elizabeth patrick nielsen hayden deleted journal patrick nielsen hayden race fail patrick nielsenhayden wank patrick nielson hayden bear racism race and fandom race fail race fail 09 wank race fail nielsen haydens race fail wiki race fail   + nielsen hayden race in fandom race wank race wank meta livejournal racefail 09 racefail 90 bear racefail fandom wank racefail fandomwank racefail patrick nielsen hayden racefail wank racefail, patrick nielsen hayden racefail/wank09 racewank race-wank racewank 09 racewank 2009 racewank hayden stargate race fail teresa nielsen hayden  teresa nielsen hayden racist teresa patrick race nielsen hayden the doom race wank theresa nielsen hayden race science fiction theresa nielsen-hayden   wiki coffeeandink wiki race fail will grace list wiki will shetterly race fail writing the other elizabeth bear writing the other   elizabeth bear writing the other, elizabeth bear

    The most commonly searched for phrase getting here was Elizabeth Bear Racism.  The most pages per visit?  Race-Wank.  Interesting stuff.

    Helping out in the wiki community: Ourmed

    March 12th, 2009

    Over on LinkedIn, Lillian Ruiz is asking for help with OurMed:

    Non Profit Health information Site on Wiki platform is looking for volunteer wiki enthusiasts

    Hi Everyone,

    I work with , we’re a start up 501c3 developing an open source, open license, commercial free health information site. We’re building a strong medical community to create high quality, verifiable information and are using a wiki platform to create an interactive health experience between patients and providers. I’m looking for volunteers to help us customize our wiki with an open source community.

    Please contact me to learn more about it. I look forward to hearing from you!

    As the wiki community is filled with fabulous people, I thought some of the readers of our blog might be interested in helping.

    SocialToo is shutting down their auto-DM feature and yay! Happiness!

    March 2nd, 2009

    SocialToo has made an important announcement: They are no turning off their feature which allows users to send auto-DMs. This makes me extremely happy. On my primary Twitter account, I’m extremely picky about who I follow and follow back so I can avoid unwanted DMs and so I can maintain relationships I have on Twitter. I love DMs when they can be used like text messages and I get them on my phone. It is really handy as I don’t have a web browsing phone.

    Because of that, if you send me a spam like DM, I pretty much will unfollow you. (If you want to thank me for the follow and point out your nifty link to your site that you think I should check out, put it out on your public timeline.) So turning off that ability is something I applaud.

    Over on SocialToo’s blog entry on their change, a few people have suggested that this is bad news! It will cost SocialToo users and some of the messages being sent are legitimate. A few people have also asked how a DM that says “Thanks for the follow!” is considered spam. I don’t know how to answer them really other than to explain other two ways.  First,  it feels like spam because you’re not considering the recipient (Is this DM worth $0.10 in text messaging fees? Would a public message be just as effective? Is this personal and will I reply back to their message?) and if they might find that useful.

    The other way I can explain that these auto-DMs are probably spam like involves a game of show and tell. Over on Twitter, I have an account to inform people about updates on Fan History. It has about 2,500 followers. With a rare exception, it does not send DMs and does not answer DMs. It has a lot of people who follow it trying to get autofollowers which we comply with. With that background info in mind, let me show you the DMs we get, DMs which we suspect are mostly auto-DMs. (And I haven’t read because the account content should pretty much indicate that we’re not going to respond.)

    These type of messages go on for another 23 pages. Other people have problems with this behavior. See:

  • Chris Brogan: Social Media is No Place for Robot Behavior
  • Loic Le Meur: Twitter Robots Killed Me (And Why I Apologize I May Not Be Following You Anymore)
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