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Twilight, Harry Potter and Twitter! Oh my! (Also venns! I love the venns!)

December 19th, 2008

I love venn diagrams. (And data. And numbers. And other ways I can better visualize fandom.) I also love Twitter so I was ecstatic to discover TwitterVen which helps visualize what is going on Twitter using venn diagrams. I cranked it up and made the following chart with the keywords of Harry Potter, Twilight and fanfic.

Twitter venn diagram showing Twilight Harry Potter and fanfic

Lo! Behold! Wow! Twilight sure gets a lot of mentions on Twitter. Not surprising. I’ve read a number of people on LJ fandom talk about how Twilight will one day be bigger than Harry Potter. I’ve seen enough of data to know that Twilight fandom NOW is bigger than Harry Potter fandom NOW. What seems really surprising here is that there aren’t more mentions for both terms AND fanfic. Twilight and Harry Potter are mentioned more frequently together than those either with fanfic.

We have a couple more TwitterVens. If you create your own (upload it!), let us know if you find anything interesting!

Yay! The RIAA isn’t going to sue John Doe!

December 19th, 2008

I sort of follow the RIAA news in terms of their rabid desire to sue anyone who downloads content a certain way, be the content legal or illegal. So I was pretty happy to read this Mashable post which said that the RIAA was going to stop their stupid and costly John Doe lawsuits. About time.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like fandom and the entertainment community will be safe from continued wrath of the RIAA because the RIAA has a new tactic: Get your ISP to shut you down. Ick. That’s worse because it denies people of due process and you’re probably not going to be aware that it is going on.

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